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EastGate Project

Welcome one and all,


The EastGate project was born as an answer to something imbedded in all of us that points more to the eternal than the physical.  Specifically a longing for the divine and the heavenly: the heart of God and His language of music; obviously created by Him.  It provides the expression of our yearning and reveals a glimpse of a timeless perspective.


The EastGate Project is neither a band nor is it merely a concept, but more a revelatory statement conveyed through the universal language of music.  As humans we intuitively desire an insight to God.  For Rich Hartline and I that is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.  Scripture overflows with a variety of lush narratives that creatively speak to us in many sorted ways; whether it be a poetic Psalm, an allegorical description or a penetrating parable.  And one thing is certain: God loves music, and more so, it is one of His preferred method of communication [Zeph. 3:17].


Consequently we invite you with a sincere anticipation that music lovers of every nature will find something of worth to be heard in the EastGate Project and welcome your feedback via the ‘Contact’ tab or Facebook link.  Whether your persuasion in God is real, or none to be had, please lend an ear to each and every song in this collection, and check out the EastGate Project 'Musicians’ tab as well.  These are individuals who love to play, and do it well.


All compositions are by Sam Negron in co-production with the technical recording and musician gifts of Rich Hartline and his excellent orchestral talents particularly displayed in the song, It Is Finished (Tetelestai).


Listen, participate, weigh-in; may the music have a significant and imaginative difference in your life, because of Him.


Soli Deo gloria, 


Sam Negron and Rich Hartline

EastGate Project

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Check out the new EastGate (Jerusalem) and The Musician's Art video's by Sam Negron. All footage gorgeously filmed (on location) in Israel by Pennwood Pictures.  Give a listen, soak up the lyrics, and enjoy the scenery... Music dedicated to setting captives free.

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